Use Schedule Management to view, edit, or add schedules for a given organization (club) within a given year or season. Below are instructions to view Schedule Management after logging into LeagueOne.

Note: Schedules are session-specific - a schedule in the 2016 session is not visible in the 2015 session

1. Go to SCHEDULES > Manage Schedules
2. Click schedule Name to view and edit an existing schedule
3. Click Add Schedule button to create a new schedule
4. Click Scorekeepers button to manage scorekeepers
5. Click Standings Profiles button to manage profiles that affect how standings display
6. Click Reports button to view available reports:
  • Note: Some reports are only available to clubs under certain Governing Bodies)
a. Arbiter Export: Export schedule data in Arbiter Import format
b. Coach Contacts: Staff contact list for selected teams
c. Game Allocation: Summarizes team home/away and game time assignments
d. Location Availability: List of open timeslots per location
e. Location Usage: List of allocated timeslots per location
f. Coach Conflict: The Coach Conflict Report compares all selected schedules and staff for conflicts
g. Games Report: List of all games contained in a schedule
  • Note: At the top of the schedule list you will find the website address of your organization's public schedule page.
  • Note: The public schedule page displays all publicly visible schedules.