Below are instructions to merge duplicate accounts found for staff members after logging into LeagueOne.
1. Navigate to PEOPLE > STAFF > Maintain Staff Information
2. Search for staff member by name, click Find
3. Click Staff Member’s Last Name
4. Choose account that exists by itself
  • Note: If both accounts have family members, choose account with correct login email
5. Click Merge at the bottom of the person maintenance screen
6. Search for Staff member name in available fields
  • Note: Using the available search parameters you can find any record you like
7. Click Find
8. Click Select next to the record you wish to merge with

User-added image
9. Select the family members from each family that you wish to merge
10. Click Merge Records
11. Select the family record you wish to keep
12. Click Merge
  • Note: If merge successful, click OK in confirmation window
User-added image
  • Note: If there are children under the account, the children must be merged before the guardian can be merged