Parents and staff members may create an account on the registration portal. These accounts may be used to register, find open programs, and pay for registrations that have been manually entered by a league organizer. Below are directions to create an account for LeagueOne.

1. Navigate to LeagueOne's Registration Portal
  • Note: Website address should be provided by league administrator or on League's website
2. Click Create Account
3. Under Who are you register? > Choose which category the registrant(s) falls under
a. A youth player - Registrant(s) who are 18 years of age or under
b. An adult or non-player (adult, team, tournament host, etc.) - Registrant or family member over 18
4. Click Next
5. Under Primary Guardian for this Family or Account Information > Enter primary account holder's information
a. Adult/Guardian First Name
b. Adult/Guardian Last Name
c. Address 1
d. Address 2
e. City
f. Country
g. State
h. Zip Code
i. Home Phone
j. Cell Phone
k. Bus.Phone/Ext
l. E-mail
m. Company
n. Occupation
Note: Fields with red asterisk (*) are required
6. Under Account Access > Enter desired login information
a. E-mail
Note: E-mail will be the address used to login
b. Confirm E-mail
c. Password
d. Confirm Password
7. Check I am at least 13 years old check box
8. (Optional) Click Secondary Guardian to create and add secondary guardian information
9. Under Child 1 > Enter child's information
a. Child First Name
b. Child Middle Name
c. Child Last Name
d. Birthday
e. Gender
f. Upload Photo
10. (Optional) Under Emergency Contact > Enter emergency contact's information
11. (Optional) Under Primary Care Physician > Enter primary care physician's information
12. (Optional) Click Add a Child to add another child
13. Click Next
14. Under Verify Information > Click Next