A league administrator may pass on the Active Network Online League Registration fee to registrants as either a flat fee or as a percentage. The fee may be passed on by following the directions below after logging into LeagueOne and navigating to the Fees & Discount page.

1. Navigate to Programs > Manage Registrations > Online Registration Setup 
2. On Programs Tab, it will list below open and closed programs from all seasons. By default only open programs are displayed.
3. Within list of resulting programs, highlight Program Name > Program Setup > Fees and Discount
  1. Under Processing Fee > Click drop down box to choose fee method
    1. Processing Fee by Amount - Flat fee
    2. Processing Fee by Percentage - Percentage based fee
  2. Enter fee amount or percentage in Processing Fee for field
    1. Processing Fee for Credit Card
    2. Processing Fee for Check
    3. Processing Fee for eCheck
  • Note: Toggling Payment Methods Accepted removes or adds credit card and check
  1. Click Save