Players in the same league can be registered in programs from other associations with the same login credentials. Provide the parent with the Link to Online Registration from the Association the parent is going to register into. The parent logs in with the same credentials.

Alternatively, the player can also be Manually Registered. The First and Last Name, Birthday, and Mother's Bday will be needed for LeagueOne to recognize the player. It is recommended to have the Player's Member ID available as well. Below are instructions after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Go to Players > Register a Player
2. Click New Player
3. Complete records matching player from source association, click Create New Player
4. LeagueOne will recognize player and display notification, click OK
5. Click Register Player (in blue), proceed with registration
  • Note: Player's birthday is first 6 digits, Mother's birthday is last four digits of Player ID (if available)
  • Note: An admin with League Rights can select associations by clicking Change Context (top right)