Use Registration Find (Register Player) to search for a player before performing a manual registration. If a player does not exist yet, click New Player to begin creating a new player record. Perform a search using the available parameters to limit the results returned, or simply click Find to return the first 250 players listed alphabetically.

Below are instructions to register a player after logging into LeagueOne.
  1. Go to PEOPLE > PLAYERS > Register Player
  2. Use available fields to locate player
a. Last Name
b. First Name
c. Member ID
  • Note: To perform partial search, enter alphanumeric characters followed by wildcard (percentage symbol) -- % --
  • EXAMPLE: Search first name of mi% returns players with first name starting with "mi" (Michael, Michelle, Mike, etc.)
  1. Click Find
  2. Within results displayed, click an option:
a. Register Player: Initiate new manual player registration
b. New Sibling: Add new sibling to existing player's family
c. First Name: View Person Maintenance record
  1. Proceed to register existing player, new sibling, or view player person maintenance record
  • Note: Players showing are eligible for program detailed under the Program field, but are not necessarily registered for the program
  • Note: To view an accurate list of who is registered, run a Registration Report

Below are additional details about the Registration Find (Register Player) screen:
  • The Prior Reg column shows existing registrations for the player within the current club or governing body
  • Note: Hover over the season name displayed under Prior Reg for one second to view a small box of information (club, division, registration type, and age group)
  • Click on the column headers to re-sort the data alphabetically (and again to reverse)
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