Every program must have a division associated with it so that players may be placed in the correct player pools, however new divisions must be created by Support. Below are instructions to submit a request.
  • Note: The organizer submitting the request must have access to the LeagueOne administrative system
  • Note: To confirm access to the system, please login to LeagueOne before contacting support

1. Collect the following details before contacting support:
a. Division name
2. Visit the Email Us form to submit the following:
a. Include all required information
b. Enter Create new division within the What is your question field
  • Note: If you are requesting adjustments, enter Edit division
c. Enter the division details (from above) into the Additional details about your question field
d. Click Send
  • Note: Divisions may only be added for Independent organizations - if your club falls under a Governing Body, contact your hierarchy for assistance (per Governing Body regulations)