Organizers may associate a uniform profile to a program, however, support must create new uniform profiles (or edit existing profiles). Below are instructions to submit a request:
  • Note: The organizer submitting the request must have access to the LeagueOne administrative system
  • Note: To confirm access to the system, please log into LeagueOne before contacting support
  1. Collect the following details before contacting support:
a. Uniform Description
b. Uniform Notes
c. Uniform Sizes
i. Type: Shirt, Short, Sock
ii. Value
iii. Description
iv. Sequence
d. Uniform Pricing
  1. Visit the Email Us form to submit the above details:
a. Include all required information
b. Enter Create new uniform profile within the What is your question field
  • Note: If you are requesting adjustments, enter Edit uniform profile
c. Enter the uniform details (from above) into the Additional details about your question field
d. Click Send
  • Note: Once the uniform profile has been created, add the uniform option to programs