Coaches and league organizers may send emails to individual teams using the Send Email tool under their My Teams page. Below are instructions to send emails after logging into LeagueOne.
  • Note: You must be assigned to a team to view teams under My Teams
  • Note: If no teams appear under My teams please contact your league organizer
  • Note: Only certain National Governing Bodies have access to the tool
1. Navigate to Teams > My Teams
2. Click on team you wish to send email to
3. Click Send Email
4. Under Send To > Select email recipients
  • Note: Only players/coaching staff on your team will appear
  • Note: All players/coaching staff selected by default
5. (OPTIONAL) Check Send to Both Guardians? to send to both player's listed guardians
6. Enter email's subject in Subject text field
7. Enter email's body in Message text field
8. (OPTIONAL) Under Attachments > Click Choose File to add attachments
9. Click OK to send email