A league organizer may add widgets to their website to customize the information provided. Each widget offers a different way to provide different information that is integrated with LeagueOne. Below are general directions for adding widgets after logging into SiteBuilder.
  1. Click + New
  • Note: Located in areas highlighted by blue semi-lined outline
  1. Under Create New Widget > Select widget type from Type: drop-down
a. Article List - list of articles recently published on website
b. Basic Widget - allows for basic widget to be customized with HTML and or regular text
c. Calendar - calendar of events published by league
d. Countdown Widget - widget that counts down to a specified date
e. Form - list of questions to be filled out by page visitors
f. Google Map Widget - Google map of specified location
h. Quick Links - list of helpful links for page visitor
i. RSS Feed Reader Widget - RSS feed
j. Slide Show - picture slide show
k. Social Media - links to league's social media pages
l. Weather Widget - shows weather in a specific location
  1. Click OK to begin editing widge