Game slots are needed to generate a schedule using Tournament Builder. This article assists  administrators who are unable to generate games for a tournament, as too few game slots ultimately results in errors when attempting to generate a schedule. Below are instructions to add game slots using Schedule, Scores, & Standings Admin after logging into Tournament Builder.

1. Go to Schedules/Scores/Standings Admin
2. Click on the Create Schedules tab
a. Ensure that steps 1-3 are already complete
i. 1. Setup Default Schedule Parameters
ii. 2. Setup Tournament Dates
iii. 3. Setup Fields
b. Once these steps are complete, click 4. Setup Field Groups & Game Times

Setup Field Groups & Game Times

3. On the Setup Field Groups screen, complete the following steps
a. Select a Field Group from the drop-down in the bottom section
EXAMPLE: U11-U12 Medium
i. Click Add Fields to add a field to the Field Group (left column)
Note: A Field can be added to one Field Group only
ii. Add Dates & Times for the Field Group (middle column)
iii. Add Game Slots (right column)
Note: This is where Game Slots should be added
EXAMPLE: Chown Appliance - 1A

Click on Field Name
b. After clicking on a Field, enter a Date and click Add Date
EXAMPLE: 06/14/2013
i. Add Time for the slot, click Add Time
ii. The time slots will appear towards the bottom of the screen as shown below
Add Date - Add Time
c. Once back on the previous screen, click on Click Here to view all Game Slots for the selected Field Group
View Game Slots

4. Return to View Schedule Report and the newly added Game Slots associated to the respective division should be visible (as shown below)

Possible Game Slots