As of 6/22/2016, in LeagueOne players can now be transferred to other programs. This can be useful if a parent signed up a player for the “wrong program”.  When a transfer is made LeagueOne will help you to make any financial adjustments necessary. Below are instructions from transferring a player into a program with a higher cost.
  1. Go to People > Players > Manage Player Information
  2. Use available fields to locate player
    1. Last Name
    2. First Name
    3. Member Id
    4. OrgID (the default is the current organization ID)
    • Note: To perform partial search, enter alphanumeric characters followed by wildcard (percentage symbol) -- % --
    • Example: Searching first name of mi% returns players with first name starting with "mi" (Michael, Michelle, Mike, etc.
  3. Click Find
  4. Click player Last Name to view Person Maintenance record
  5. Click Program Transfer
User-added image
  1. Use search parameters to find program player is to be transferred into
  2. Click Next
  3. Review and make changes as needed to player information and email field 
User-added image
  • Note: Transfer of a player into a program that has a higher fee than the original program will cause the remaining installment from the original program to be moved to the new program
  • Note: Player must be unassigned from team before transferring to a new program
  • Note: The admin can optionally add additional installments to collect the full balance or they can use the Edit Payment Plan feature at a later date
  1. Click Next
  2. Confirm information and click Submit
  3. View Person Maintenance record to see new transaction history
  • Note: If payment schedule is not edited, only the amount for the listed payment will come out and a balance will remain