Below are instructions to update one's own user account after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Go to Staff > My Staff Record
2. Update user details
3. Click the Update button

The following fields are visible to most organizations - some fields may or may not be editable. The fields that are not adjustable are noted below:
- Person ID (system-generated, cannot be edited)
- Last Name
- First Name
- Street Address
- City
- State
- Zip Code
- Suppress Mailing
- Email
- Birth Date
- Gender
- Company
- Occupation
- CPR Trained (checkbox)
- Home Phone
- Cell Phone
- FAX #
- Bus Phone
- Ext
- Shirt Size
- Pager
- Admin User ID (old login user ID, cannot be edited - replaced with Login Email)
- Default Org (cannot be edited)
- Family Role
- Login Email (a Create button appears if the login email has not been created yet)
- Login Lockout (checkbox)
- Restrict (no longer in use - replaced with Login Lockout)

The following buttons are available:
- Update: Save changes
- Register: Register for programs
- Add Job: Associate a job to the user
- Add Bkg: Add Background Check for the user
- Add Note: Add internal notes to the user
- Help: Review additional help details for this screen