The Registration Questions screen allows organizers to set configurable questions for the program, including default medical information (if applicable), occupation/employer information (if applicable). Below are instructions to manage the registration questions associated to a program, found within the process of creating a program or editing program after Login to LeagueOne and proceeding through What to Expect Next message.
  • Note: Some clubs may only see the Custom Questions section (the other default options are not available in all databases)
  1. Check Medical information box to collect medical details for the registrant
a. Emergency contact
b. Physician
c. Existing medical conditions
d. Insurance Information
  • Note: Prompts all registrants to optionally enter insurance carrier, policy number, and primary policy holder
  1. Check Occupation and Employer boxes to collect employment details from parents
  2. Within the list of custom questions configured for the organization, highlight a question and click Edit to make changes
  3. Within the Edit Registration Question box, adjust the following:
a. Custom question/prompt
b. Response to question
i. Select a question from the list of registration questions created for the organization
ii. Leave as -- No List Used -- if the question should remain as an open-ended text field
c. Select a Response type
i. Drop down list
ii. Radio button
iii. Text box
d. Select an option for Is this question required?
i. Yes it's required
ii. No it's optional
e. Check the Active box to make the question available
f. Click OK
  1. Expand Advanced Features to utilize Previous Team Settings (questions)
  • Note: This section may not be visible to all organizations
  1. Click Save and Continue to proceed to Volunteer Setup