Administrators can run coupon reports to know how many coupons have been given, the total amount given and who has used the coupons. Below are instructions to view a coupon report (and export a CSV file) after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Go to Administration > Manage Coupon Codes > Coupon Report
2. Apply desired filters
a. Coupon Name
b. Coupon Code
c. Program Name
d. Registration Dates (From and To)
  • Note: Click Find without filters to return all coupons
3. Click Find
4. The resulting list is sorted by Registration Date (when the player registered)
a. Click the Participant Name to view the person maintenance screen
4. Click Export to extract a Comma-Separated Value (CSV, .csv) file
  • Note: The default file name is CouponUsage_XX-XX-XXXX.csv