Below are instructions to view previously send emails in the email archive after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Go to Communications > Email Archive
2. A list of email messages sent over the past year are available - the following fields are displayed:
a. Create Date: The date when the email is created
  • Note: Click the Create Date link to view the contents and recipients of the message
b. From: This is your email address
c. Subject: The subject of the email message
d. Format: The format of the email message
e. Status: The status of the email message
f. Completion Date: The date when the email is completed
g. Sent: The number of people the email was sent to 
h: Delivered: The number of inboxes the email was delivered to
i: Opened: The number of people who have opened the message
  • Note: Only messages sent from the specific user's account are visible - users in the same organization cannot view each other archives