The term "Registration Session" refers to the registration, fees & collections, and payment plan details for both youth and adult athletes, based on the program configuration. The following information applies to the Maintain Registration screen, accessed by clicking on the View Transaction buttons under the Registration History section of the Player Maintenance screen. The configuration of seasons is identified by State or National Governing Bodies. Independent clubs may utilize the standard Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons for a given year (for most databases).

Below are instructions to access the Registration History for a player after viewing the Player Maintenance screen after logging into LeagueOne. 1. Under Registration History, click on View Transaction
2. The Maintain Registration screen appears where three primary sections are visible
a. Maintain Registration: Contains the Division, Age Group and Configurable fields
b. Fees and Collections: Allows the tracking of all financial activity on this registration
c. Payment Plans: Displays the Payment Schedule for this registration if there is a payment schedule