Below are instructions to access the Program List within a given session after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Go to Administration > Manage Registration > Program List
2. Select option from Show drop-down
a. Currently Open Programs (default)
b. Open Within Past 1 Year
c. Open Within Past 2 Years
d. All Programs
3. Click Find
4. Within list of resulting programs, detail displays total number of registrations (Total Reg), and number of completed registrations (Competed Reg) out of total
  • Note: Total Registrations number greater than Completed Registrations indicates players may owe payment, documents, etc. 
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5. Within list of resulting programs, click Total Reg or Competed Reg value to view details of players registered into that program - available data returned for each program includes:
- Player Last Name: Opens the person maintenance screen (same window)
- Player First Name: Opens the maintain registration screen (new window)
- Reg Date
- Age Group
- Missing Docs?
- Missing PMT?
- Assigned?: Equals Yes is the player is assigned to a team
- Method: Equals Manual or Online
- Fees Owed
- Collected
- Balance