Below are instructions to access standard reports within the report center after logging into LeagueOne.

2. Click on the Standard Reports tab
3. Highlight an available report, click Run Report
4. Select Report Settings (differs for each report - often includes age groups, divisions, programs, etc.)
5. Select Report Result (export format):
a. Online: View the report on screen
b. CSV: Download the report in Comma-Separated Value (CSV, .csv) format
c. TXT: Download the report in Text (TXT, .txt) format
6. Click Run Report

Below is a list of common reports accessible to most clubs along with a description of each:

- Accounts with Pending Regs in Cart: List of pending online registrations that still remain in customers' carts
- Accts without Pending Registrations: Users who have created online accounts but have not begun the online registration process
- Age Exceptions: Lists all players assigned to teams that are younger than the players age
  • Note: Some state associations implement rules that prevent this from occurring
- Certification Report: List of Staff with certifications (coaching licenses, referee certifications) within this organization
- Duplicate Player Report: List of potential duplicate player records in the database
- Duplicate Staff Report: List of potential duplicate staff records in the database
- Online Reg Feedback Report: Lists feedback provided during online registration
- Online Reg Player List: Lists all players registered via Online Registration
- Reg Count By Division: Summarizes player counts by Division
- Reg Count By Division and Age Group: Summarizes player counts by Division and Age Group
- Registration Financial Report: Summary and detail views of registration fees and collections
- Registration Report: Summary and detail views of registrations
- Roster Notes Report: Lists roster notes entered by the registrar on the Team Maintenance screen
- Team List: Lists teams, players and coaches. You may also use this report to export your teams from LeagueOne into eteamz
- In Summary mode, the report yields a list of teams with names, colors, and status
- In Detail mode, the report yields a list of players and coaches
- Team Transfer Report: Lists the number of players transferred to each team
- Uniforms: Lists uniform selections from both online and manual registrations
- Volunteer Report: Summary and detail views of people that have indicated that they want to volunteer during online and manual registration
- Volunteers Report With Players: Matches volunteers and players in the same family
  • Note: Depending on the Governing Body or database, more (or fewer) reports may be available than those listed above
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