League organizers may view those who volunteered for the season via the Volunteer Report. Below are directions to run the volunteer report after logging into LeagueOne.
  • Note: Only those who volunteered for session you are in will show
  • Note: To view volunteers from other session Change Context and rerun report
1. Navigate to Reporting > Report Center
2. Click on Standard Reports tab
3. Click Volunteer Report
4. Click Run Report
5. Set Summary/Detail: to Detail
6. (Optional) Under Report Result > Select view format of report
a. Online - View your report on the screen
  • Note: View report in LeagueOne view
b. CSV - Download your report in CSV format
  • Note: View report in spreadsheet editor
c. TXT - Download your report in text format
  • Note: View report in text editor
7. (Optional) Check Notify me through email when the report is ready?
8. (Optional) Enter email to be notified of report finalization in Email Address text field
9. Click Run Report
10. Click Download/View