There are basically 2 ways to exclude someone from receiving mass email. The first process will allow the Org to exclude anyone from receiving a mass email but leave their email on record in the database.  The second process will completely remove the email from the database so there will be no record of it

Process 1-A

Adding the ExcludeMassEmail question to the form

  1. Go to Settings > Form builder
  2. Select the form you wish to edit from the Select Form drop down menu
  3. Click 2. Edit Pages in the Select a Step: section, located in the top left corner of the page
  4. Select Camper Information from the pages section on the left side of the page
  5. Click Add: Question located above the window that has the camper information
  6. Select For each Account
  7. Type exclude in the Search for field
  8. Select ExcludeMassEmail and move it to the right by clicking the arrow that points right

a) If the ExcludeMassEmail question is not created you will need to create it by clicking the New Database Field button at the bottom of this window

b) Enter in all of your basic information, select Checkbox list (multi select), Click the Add Choice button, type Yes in the Choice Name field and click Add.

c) Then click the Advanced tab

d) Under the External Access area, Select Hidden from both drop down menus and click Save

  1. Click Save Form
  2. Select 5. Publish! From the select a step section
  3. Click the Publish to Link! Button

Note: You must now follow process 1-B to finish the setup

Process 1-B

Creating the ExcludeMassEmail filter

  1. Go to Tools > Filter Center
  2. Click the Create Filter tab located on the top right of the filter list tab in the filter center
  3. Type ExcludeFromMassEmail in the empty Name Of Filter tab
  4. Scroll down to the Advanced Filters section located at the bottom of the window and click the + sign to expand it
  5. Select Accounts from the Available Fields to Filter in drop down list
  6. Locate the ExcludeFromMassEmail question and move it over to the right
  7. Select Like from the first drop down menu on the left and then leave the field on the right blank.
  8. Click Save in the Advanced Filter Item box
  9. Scroll to the top of the Filter and click Save

Note: A) Now when you add the filter you would like to send a mass email to, you will also add this ExcludeFromMassEmail filter and select And from the Filter Options in the Filter Bar where you apply the filter to your database

Note: B) When you look at a customer’s information in the datacenter it will now have a check box labeled: ExludeFromMassEmail.  Check this box and Save to exclude them.

Process 2

Removing the email address from an account

  1. Go to Search For window in Filter Bar
  2. Click drop down to select Accounts
  3. Type in the name of the Individual (first, last, full name, or partial name) you wish to look for in the Search For box on the left hand side of the system
  4. Click the Search button
  5. Their name should appear below in the search results window
  6. Click on their name to open the Account in the Data Center
  7. Click the plus sign where it says Account Information for “person's name”
  8. Scroll down to where it says Email Address and remove it
  9. Click Save

Note: This account will no longer have an email address so it will not receive any more mass email. You may also want to write it down so you can replace it when you are done sending the mass email.