1. Go to Tools > Communication Center.
  2. Click the gold Add to create a new message.
  3. From the drop down menu next to Email Type select Standard Email.
  4. From the drop down menu next to Fields to Include: choose the from Account, Participant or Event fields.  For most emails, we recommend Account fields, this will allow you to email to an individual account in the data center. Use Participant if you want to include information specific to a participant and Program if you wish to inclide information specific to a Program, such as location or time.
  5. Make sure the correct email address is in the From field.  In most cases, you will NOT want to put your email address in the CC: or BCC: fields, as this will send you a copy of the email once per email that is sent.  So if you're sending the email to 300 people, you'll receive 300 copies of the email.
  6. If you would like to edit the email in Rich Text (change the font, color, style, etc.), select the Rich Text(HTML) radio button; if you simply want text in your email, select Plain Text.
  7. Type the subject of the email in the Subject field and click the silver View/Edit Message Content button below.
  8. Your Email will save automatically and open the Email Editor, in an external window/tab.
  9. Type your message in the Message area.
  10. You can use the fields in the box on the left to make the message more customized (i.e. Dear Mr. And Mrs. <<Account_LastName>> will make every email specific to that account’s last name). To use a field, click on the place in your email where you want to insert the field, click on the field name in Available Fields list on the left, and click on the gold Insert Field >> button.
    1. You can switch between the types of fields available by selecting the type in the Available Fields dropdown at the top.
  11. To send attachments (maps, directions, etc), click the Attach a file link at the bottom of the Email Editor.
    1. You attach Statements by selecting the type of statement in the dropdown, then clicking the Attach Statement button.
    2. You can attach a file directly from your computer by clicking on the Browse File... button, which will upload your selected file directly to your File Manager.
    3. Select the file you would like to attach by selecting it from the Select File from File Manager dropdown and clicking the Attach File button.
  12. Once you are done editing your email, click the gold Save or Save and Close button to save your work.
  13. Clicking Close or Save and Close will close the Email Editor and return you to the Communication Center.
  14. After saving your email and closing the Email Editor, you will now see the recipients in the ‘To’ field.  If you have selected account-level fields, it will say ‘Accounts.Email’.  You can edit the recipients by clicking on the Edit Recipients button and selecting the email addresses that should receive this email.
  15. Before sending your email, you must first load a filter for the people you are interested in emailing. When you send an email through the Communication Center, it will go to everyone you have in your current filter.
  16. After you have set your filter and verified that the message, attachments, and all other settings are correct (by clicking the View/Edit Message Content button), click on the gold Preview with Fields button at the bottom to see how your message will look. (Note: This will generate a new window. Your message might not appear to word-wrap in the preview. However, it will word-wrap when it’s sent.  Please close this browser window when you are finished viewing)
  17. When you are confident that everything in the email is correct, click the 'Send' button at the bottom of the Communication Center.  Your email will be sent in approximately one hour.  If you need the email to be sent immediately or cancel the pending email, please visit File >> Database Management >> Pending Request Manager where you can "Send Now" or "Cancel" any pending emails.