Below are instructions to add a workout to your calendar after logging into ACTIVE Trainer.

Note: These instructions apply to new Trainer users - if you already have workouts and/or exercises, proceed to step 7

1. Hover over the LOG your activity navigational item, click Workout Center
2. The first time you reach the Workout Center you will see the following message under My Saved Workouts


3. Click create one
4. Enter require workout Name, and optional Description and Instructions
5. Click Create Workout
6. The screen will refresh showing the workout you added, click Add Exercise to this Workout
Note: You may also return to the Workout Center, select an option under My Saved Workouts, then click Add Exercise to this Workout
7. Using the Quick Search field or the Category/Muscle filters in the left navigation, locate the exercise you wish to include, then click Add this Exercise
8. Enter optional fields such as Calories, Distance, Duration, Reps, Weight, etc.
9. Click Add a Set to include optional sets in your workout
10. Click Advanced to establish an optional intensity
11. Click Add this Exercise
12. The screen will refresh showing the workout details, click Schedule this Workout
13. Select a date within the calendar to add the workout