Every month we give away various gift cards and products to our Advantage members. Members can login to the Advantage site and from the giveaways page select all of the prizes that they're interested in winning. Winners are typically selected at the beginning of each new month, before the next month's giveaways begin.
  1. Members can access the giveaways page from the Advantage homepage via http://advantage.active.com.
  2. To access the giveaways homepage and be able to use the online entry http://advantage.active.com/giveaways, members must be logged in. They will be taken to the login page if they are not already logged in to the site.
  3. Once logged in, members can Select All prizes or select individual prizes and then click the Enter button. Because they're already logged in, we know who they are so they don't need to provide any additional information.
  4. Once a member has submitted their entry they'll see a confirmation overlay.