Please follow below tips to check settings if you are unable hear audio cue:

For iPhone Users:
  • Turn up Device Alert Volume
    1. Go to Settings > Sounds 
    2. Slide Ringer and Alerts volume all the way to right
  • ​Enable Device Notification
    1. Go to device Settings > Notifications
    2. Turn on Allow Notification beside desired app​
  • Turn off Airplane ModeDo not Disturb Mode and Silence Mode
  • Turn up Trainer Volume
    1. Go to app Settings > Workout Options 
    2. Slide Trainer Volume all the way to right
For Android Users:
  • Turn up Device Alert Volume
  • Turn off Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Turn up Trainer Volume 
    1. Go to app Settings > Workout Options
    2. Click Voice Volume
    3. Slide Voice Volume all the way to right
    4. Click OK