Participants who registered through various of Active products will be prompted to create an Active Account at the end of the registration. The personal information will be recorded based on information registrant entered during the registration.

Below are instructions to update your user account information:
1. Login to via
2. Navigate to
3. Click Profile Settings
  • Note: If you want to change your password, please click Account Settings below Profile Settings.
4. Edit or update any of the following fields, as needed
- Display name
- Interests
- First Name
- Last Name
- Email
- Date of Birth
- Gender
- Phone Number
- Street Address 1
- Street Address 2
- City
- State/Province
- Postal code
- Country
Note: Display name cannot contain blank spaces.
Note: Updating Email will change your log in email as well.
Note: If you still receive registration emails to your old email address after updating your account, please check and make sure email addresses under both Profile Settings and Account Settings are the new one.
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