If you would like to use another music player when listening to music within the app, please follow these steps:


Note: The Couch-to-5K app recognizes all music tracks that are present on the phone/tablet's external storage (such as an SD-Card). Unfortunately, some music apps such as Google Play Music have their own private music storage and won't share the tracks with other apps.
  1. Open app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Sign in the app
  4. Tap Workout Options
  5. Disable Built-in Music Player under Music Options
  6. Select a workout
  7. Press headphone icon at the top of the screen
  8. Choose a music player from your phone

Music within Couch-to-5k automatically uses music from the iTunes Music app.  If you would like to listen to music from another player, you will need to stop the music from within Couch-to-5k and play your music in the background.