USTA Section League Coordinators review self-rate appeals once they are submitted. Please know that NTRP self-rate appeals have an approximate turn around time of 3 weeks. Auto-appeals notify the player immediately of their appeal status.

If you are a player who would like to appeal your year-end NTRP or self-rating, follow the steps below:   

Note: If you have issues signing into TennisLink, please reach out to Membership Services directly at 800-990-8782

Note:  If you have any questions about NTRP ratings or the status of your appeal, please contact your USTA Section Office directly. They are your point of contact for any NTRP rating questions. If you do now know who to contact, you can find the information by going to Section/District Office Contact Info page. If you do not see the option to Appeal Rating Level, this means you will need to complete a Self Rating. If you are wanting to submit a Medical Appeal, you will need to contact your Section/District office
  1. Login to TennisLink League Homepage
  2. In top right corner under NTRP Level, click Appeal Rating link
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  1. Select to appeal rating up or down
  2. Enter self-rate requested level using the drop down menu
  3. Click Submit
  4. Follow onscreen steps to complete NTRP appeal process
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