If you are a Youth Progression administrator and would like to make negative point adjustments for a specific player, please follow the steps below:

Note: You can only negatively adjust points for players who are Grandfathered Yellow ball or Mission Complete. When negatively adjusting points for Grandfathered Yellow ball players, all ball color and level options from the Section will be available. For Mission Complete players, the Ball Color and Level Options will be populated with only the ball color and level that the player was at prior to becoming mission complete. If manual adjustments were made, negative adjustments will need to be made in the player's profile to put them back to the level they need to be at. 
  1. Login to TennisLink Tournaments Homepage
  2. Under Administration, click Reports
  3. Click Youth Progression Reports
  4. Choose Update Player - Special Case
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  1. Input player's USTA #
  2. Click Search
  3. Adjust Ball Color and Level
  4. Click Update
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