Below are the most frequently asked questions related to the NetGeneration/Safe Play background screening process. Please be sure to review the following before reaching out to our support teams!
  • I am a coach/captain who needs to go through the Safe Play process for Junior Team Tennis, where should I go to start?
All Net Generation providers and USTA Junior Team Tennis volunteers and coordinators must navigate to and select “Become a Provider” to begin the registration process. This module includes all Safe Play components as well. Step by step instructions are shown in the Net Generation Team Tennis Account Creation and Safe Play Help Guide or this PDF. If you have questions regarding Safe Play please go to JTT and Officials SafeSport Training or email
  • How do I check the status of my NCSI Background Screen?
On the NCSI website, once you submit your background screen application, you will see your 16 digit NCSI Applicant ID. Copy this number so you can type it into your NetGeneration Safe Play registration page as well as on TennisLink. To check the status of your screening or to obtain your NCSI applicant ID, please go to NCSI Registrant Status Check. If you have questions regarding your background screening please contact NCSI at or (866) 833-7100

To check if you have a green light for Safe Play/TennisLink, please navigate to USTA Safe Play Background Screening Results page. Once you have been given a green light your name should appear on this page. For step by step instructions please go to Team Tennis Background Screening Results
  • I am unable to access NetGeneration or TennisLink. My screening is not under the NetGen or Jr. Team Tennis category. How can I share my screening with this category?
  1. ​Navigate to NCSI NetGeneration JTT page
  2. Answer required questions
    • Note: Select "No" for * Is this your first time using NCSI for a background screen?
  3. Click Submit
  4. Follow prompts to identify yourself and give consent
  5. Click Submit
  • My background screen is complete and I have a 16 digit NCSI Registrant ID. How or what do I do with this ID to comply with the Safe Play Program and captain my team(s)?
  1. Navigate to NetGeneration 
  2. Click Provider Login
  3. Log into provider account
  4. Select drop down menu from top of screen
  5. Click Edit Profile
  6. Click Provider Information
  7. Scroll down
  8. Select Safe Play Certification
  9. Enter 16 Digit NCSI Registrant ID
  10. Click SAVE
  11. Navigate to TennisLink Junior Team Tennis
  • Note: You should be automatically logged in, if you are not please click LOGIN. Enter your email address and password to sign into your TennisLink account
  1. Under Options, click Become a Coach/Manager or Become a Coordinator
  2. In pop-up box, input 16 digit NCSI applicant ID 
  3. Click SUBMIT
  • I successfully completed my NCSI clearance recently and it's valid until end of this year. But on TennisLink I am prompted that my NCSI clearance is going to expire soon. What do I do?
It is likely due to the fact that you got your green light under the wrong category. In order for a JTT Coach/Captain to be able to access the system, you need to be listed under the category JR TEAM TENNIS or NETGEN. More information on how to share your clearance, please go to Background Screening Under Wrong Category
  • My legal name that I used on the NCSI website differs from the name I have used to create my NetGeneration Provider/TennisLink Member account. What do I do?
This should not impact your ability to access or link your accounts. Please follow the steps above to link your green light screen to your NetGeneration and TennisLink account. If you run into any issues during the linking process please email and and provide us with your USTA/Team Tennis Account number(s) and your 16 digit NCSI applicant ID
  • I have multiple accounts. One in TennisLink, one in Net Generation. How do I sync my different accounts and not lose any roles or data associated with my accounts?
Please email with the following information so we can help you navigate this issue:
  • Your USTA/Team Tennis Account numbers
  • Email Address
  • Your 16 digit NCSI Applicant ID