If you are a player who wants to register for a USTA league, please follow the steps below:

Note: You will need the team # in order to complete your league registration. If you do not have the team # please reach out to the team captain or go to Leagues Team Captain Contact Information. If you do not know who the captain is please go to Find Local League Coordinator. If you are having trouble registering for a league please reach out to your Local League Coordinator directly. They are your best point of contact for all league related questions and issues

Note: Your USTA membership must be valid throughout the entire league season in order for you to register. If your membership has not yet lapsed go to usta.com and click the JOIN button. If your membership has expired please click the RENEW button. For steps on how to renew, please go to Renew USTA Membership

Note: If you need to self-rate for the first time or your rating has expired, please click the self-rate link during the registration process. You can also self rate by going to League NTRP Self Rate

Note: If you do not know your USTA #, please login to TennisLink and your account # will auto-populate during the registration process. If you are not able to login or still need help with locating your account number, please contact USTA Customer Care directly at 1-800-990-8782

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  1. Login to TennisLink League Homepage
  2. Under Start Playing, click Register For A Team
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  1. Input Team #
  2. Verify USTA Account, Phone Number and Email Address
    • Note: If you are the captain, click the Are you the captain? box
    • Note: USTA number can be located at USTA Account Number Lookup
    • Note: To add another registration click the +Add link
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  1. Click Continue to proceed to checkout