TDM has the ability to calculate the Round Robin Order of Finish using the selected Scoring Method. Please follow the steps below to setup the RR order of finish and publish the results onto the tournament homepage. If there is a tie between the players, the following tie breakers will be used to determine the order of finish:
  1. In TDM, go to Draws tab
  2. Make sure desired event is selected in dropdown
  3. click View Order of Finish button
  4. choose Scoring Method
  5. click Calculate button
  6. review Round Robin Order of Finish
  7. check Visible To Public box
  8. click Save and Close button
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Tie Break Rules:
  1. head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the tied players
  2. remaining players with highest percentage of games won of all games played
  3. head-to-head win-loss record in matches of remaining tied players
  4. if there is still a tie, random drawing will determine order of finish