In order for players to get Youth Progression stars and trophies for tournaments, the tournament's events must be appropriately tagged. Youth Progression levels and ball colors need to be indicated in the tournament's online sanction form as well as in TDM in order for the system to award stars and trophies. If you are the tournament director, follow the steps below to make sure your tournament is setup correctly:

Tagging Events for Youth Progression in Online Sanction Form:
  1. Login to TennisLink Tournaments Homepage
  2. Navigate to tournament's online sanction form
  3. Click Events tab
  4. In Event Group, make sure Youth Progression Level is entered
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Tagging Events for Youth Progression in TDM:
  1. Navigate to tournament's TDM
  2. Select event, click Edit Event
  3. In Event Properties, ensure correct Level is indicated
  • Note: If incorrect level is listed, click on drop down and select the appropriate Youth Progression Level (Orange Level 1, Orange Level 2, Green Level 1)
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  1. Click OK