Program Coordinators say they are unable to add a coach or captain to their team, this may be due to the fact that the coach/captain's background check approval has not been linked to their USTA account. Please follow the steps below to check if the coach/captain has passed their background check and is properly categorized:
  1. Go to Background Screening Results Page
  2. Enter Last Name and First Name
  3. Click SEARCH
  4. On Results page, ensure the customer is listed and check category is JR. TEAM TENNIS
  • If coach/captain is not listed as JR TEAM TENNIS, go to Background Screening Under Wrong Category for steps on how to resolve this
  • If coach/captain is not listed on results page, please have them contact NCSI at or (866) 833-7100
  • Note: Often applicants will use different names when completing their background check. If you have trouble finding an applicant, type abbreviated names or confirm this information with customer directlyScreening Results
Once you have confirmed that the above information is correct, the issue is likely that their background screening is not linked to their account. Please contact LinkTeam with the following information to resolve this issue:
  • First Name and Last Name of Coach/Captain
  • 16 digit Applicant ID number
  • USTA or Team Tennis ID number