To install the latest update for legacy Hy-Tek products, follow the guide below.​
  • Note: The screenshots in this guide will be for Meet Manager 6.0 for Swimming.  This process will be the same for all products
  1. Go to
  2. Click on your product's update link to download
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  1. Go to your downloads folder (or wherever you downloaded the file)
  2. Right click the file
  3. Click Extract All
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  1. Select desired location
  2. Click Show extracted files when complete
  3. Click Extract
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  • Note: This process may be different depending on your program that zips and unzips files
  1. Select all files within the un-zipped folder
  • Note: Hitting Ctrl + A will select all files in the folder
  1. Click Copy
  2. Go to the C:\Hy-Sport\PRODUCT folder
  • Note:  The actual folders are either SWMM6, SWMM5, SWMM4, TFMM5, TM7, TFTM4.1 depending on what product you're updating
  1. Right click the white space on the side of the window
  2. Click Paste
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  1. Overwrite existing data
  2. Locate the reg.bat file in the list of files
  3. Right-click on the reg.bat file and choose 'Run as administrator...' 
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  1. Confirm that the file shows as registered successfully 
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  1. Open up the software
  2. The update should now be installed