The Add-on Products report pertains to add-ons selected during the registration process - this covers additional purchases (gear and merchandise), memberships, as well as other add-on options. Below are instructions to access and view the add-on products report after logging into Swim Manager.

1. From the Organization Dashboard (Home tab), click on the Reports tab
2. Within the Add-on products box, click on an available option
a. Last 7 days
b. Last 30 days
c. Last 60 days
d. All (the following example uses All as the selection)
3. Select filters
a. Program
b. Group
Note: The Group drop-down remains greyed out unless a particular program is selected
c. Date
i. All
ii. Last 7 days
iii. Last 30 days
iv. Last 60 days
4. Click Apply
Note: The Add-on products and Total sales items on screen will update, but Details are only available by selecting a program first
5. Click Export to extract a CSV file (the default file name is AddOnsPurchased.csv)
Note: The Export button is not visible unless a program is selected first

The following fields are included on screen:
- Name of purchaser
- Product
- Quantity
- Price
- Purchase date
- Program
- Group
- Sub total

The following fields are included in the export file:
- Date
- Program
- Group
- Purchaser
- Athlete
- Product
- Quantity
- Price
- Subtotal