Use Staff Find (Maintain Staff Information) to add a job to a staff member. Perform a search using the available parameters to limit the results returned, or simply click Find to return the first 250 staff users listed alphabetically. Below are instructions to search for, view, and maintain staff information after logging into LeagueOne.
  1. Go to PEOPLE > STAFF >  Manage Staff Information
  2. Use the available fields to locate a staff person
            a. Last Name
            b. First Name
            c. Staff Id
            d. Scope (the default is All Staff, which searches staff in your club - the alternate is for Governing Body hierarchies to search the entire hierarchy)
  • Note: To perform a partial search, enter alphanumeric characters followed by the wildcard (percentage symbol) -- % -- or enter first and last name
  • Example: Search a first name of mi% returns players with a first name starting with "mi" (Michael, Michelle, Mike, etc.)                        
  1. Click Find
  2. Click on a staff person's Last Name to view the Person Maintenance record
  3. Click Add Job 
  • Note: This option will only be available to people who have League Job Assign Rights
  1. Select job you wish to add for the staff member from drop down
  2. Click Add             
  3. Click Update
  • Note: Job will show as "Active" when currently valid for a staff member and "Dropped" when not valid.

This page has a number of buttons that may or may not be displayed depending on your authorization level. For example, you may see Add Staff, which creates a new staff person. Staff members are automatically created when players are registered. The Add Staff button should only be used to create a Staff record for a person that does not have children that are in the system.