Below are details regarding the use of Edit Person for Staff after logging into LeagueOne. The term "Person" refers to youth athletes, adult athletes, and adult staff. The following information applies to the Edit Person screen. The functionality is nearly identical, so please confirm which type of person record needs to be accessed before proceeding.

  1. Go to PEOPLE > STAFF > Maintain Staff Information
  2. Use the available fields to locate a staff person
a. Last Name
b. First Name
c. Staff Id
d. Scope (the default is All Staff, which searches staff in your club - the alternate is for Governing Body hierarchies to search the entire hierarchy)
  • Note: To perform a partial search, enter alphanumeric characters followed by the wildcard (percentage symbol) -- % --
  • EXAMPLE: Search a first name of mi% returns players with a first name starting with "mi" (Michael, Michelle, Mike, etc.)
  1. Click Find
  2. Click on a staff person's Last Name to view the Person Maintenance record


  • Staff Information: Contains basic information about the person such as name, email address, and family role (only appears if the person is a guardian for the family)
  • Family Members: Displays other people associated with this person's family
    • Note: If the family has children that you not authorized to see (they have never registered with the club), a 'Not Authorized' message displays
  • Jobs: Displays a history of jobs that the Staff person has been assigned - for team related jobs (if you authorized to view the team), the Team Name field is hyperlinked and reaches the Team Maintenance record
  • Volunteer: Displays jobs that the Adult Staff person has volunteered for in the current organization (refer to the org name displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen)
  • Internal Notes: Displays internal notes recorded for this staff record (used for internal communication between organizers)

Some databases have access to other sections found when viewing Staff records. If additional sections are visible, please contact your hierarchy for assistance.

  • Update: Saves changes to the database
  • Register: Initiates a registration for this person
  • Add Job: Opens the Add Job window which allows you to specify a job for the person
  • Add Vol: Opens the Add Volunteer window which allows you to specify a job that the person has volunteered for
  • Merge: Initiate the process to merge staff records

Some databases have access to other functions accessible via additional buttons at the bottom of the page. If you see these buttons, please contact your hierarchy for assistance.

  • To change the address of a U19 player, click the last name of the primary guardian -- this takes you to the record of the primary guardian where you can change the address
  • If this is an online registration, the name of the online registration program appears in parenthesis under the division name
  • Note: The online registration division is the name that the registrant saw when they registered
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