If online registration is still OPEN please follow the steps below to withdraw from an event to obtain a refund:

Note: Online withdrawals are only allowed before entries close for a tournament. If the tournament deadline has passed contact the Tournament Director to assist you with your withdrawal and any applicable refund based upon their policy
  1. Navigate to TennisLink
  2. Click Login
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  1. Login with your USTA Account # or Email Address & Password
  2. Click TOURNAMENTS tab
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  1. Under My Quick Links on right side, click Edit Registration
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  1. Click Withdraw
  2. Enter USTA Account # of person to withdraw into box
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  1. Click Continue
    • Note: Only eligible events display - if registration is already closed for an event, contact tournament director to withdraw and receive an applicable refund
  2. Enter Confirmation Number of event(s) to withdraw person from, click Withdraw
    • Example: 123456-01
  3. A confirmation message displays indicating withdrawal was successful
    • Note: Processing fees are non-refundable as indicated at time of original registration. Refunds typically take 3-5 business days to reach the cardholder's account. If you withdraw with the tournament director they will not be able to credit your card. They will inform you of how they will process your refund.

If you do not have your Confirmation Number, refer to the following steps:
  1. On TennisLink, click TOURNAMENTS tab
  2. Under My Quick Links on right side, click Edit Registration
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  1. Click Locate Confirmation No.
  2. Enter USTA Account # and Zip Code
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  1. Click Continue
  2. A list of events, corresponding charges and confirmation numbers will display on screen