Policy manager is used to manage the policies found during the online registration process - these policies are agreed to by families before the registration process is completed. Although similar to documents, policies are usually just accepted during registration (not collected by a registrar). Examples policies are no refund, parent code of conduct, and sportsmanship. Below are instructions to manage required policies for the organization after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Go to Programs Tab > Select  Online Registration Setup
2. View the Organization tab within
3. Click Policies
4. Click New to create a new policy
5. Highlight an existing policy and click Edit to make adjustments
6. Highlight an existing policy and click Delete to remove
7. Check Electronic Signature box to allow parents to electronically sign documents
  • Note: This will enable this feature for all programs and policies
8. Click Save and Continue to proceed to FAQ manager

Click here to learn about associating policies to programs