The Meet Mobile app displays meet results and team scores in real time as Meet Manager receives the data from the timer or field event device. In addition, performance lists, team rosters, records, and time/mark standards are available before the meet starts. Heat/Flight sheets can also be made available at the discretion of the meet host.

Below are instructions to configure Meet Mobile Publishing from within the main screen of Track & Field Meet Manager 6.0
  1. Go to Set-up > Publish Track Meet Mobile
  • Note: Default tab is Settings and should be completed before the other options (Settings, Publish, Promote)
  1. Settings
    1. Publish Heat/Flight Sheets and Performance Lists: Meet Mobile customers will have full access to all meet information including performance lists, heat/flight sheets, and results
    2. Exclude Heat/Flight Sheets: Meet Mobile customers will have access to all meet information except heat/flight sheets
    3. Terms of use: View contract and agree by entering:
      1. Full Name
      2. Date of Birth
      3. Select Agree
      4. Click Confirm, then confirm selected options (if correct, click Yes)
  2. Publish
    1. Select correct Team Scoring option
    2. Publish General Meet Information when setup for events, sessions, time/mark standards, and records is completed
  • Note: This action uploads the meet, a listing of the meet events by session, records, time/mark standards and athletes loaded into the database to the meet mobile server
  • Note: This allows organizers to publish teams and athletes to meet mobile, creating an ID for each
  1. ​​​​When publishing general meet information, the database used to publish receives a Meet Mobile ID which links to the specific meet on Meet Mobile
  2. This exact same database must be used while running the meet (or a backup of it that was made after the meet was published to Meet Mobile)
  • Note: A backup made before the meet was published will not work, and will not be linked to Meet Mobile to upload results
  1. If an organization is reusing a database from a previous meet, we recommend re-saving the database under a different name to clear the existing Meet Mobile ID
  •  Go to File > Save as
  • Enter different name for database, click Open
  1. Once meet entry deadline passes and entries are complete, click Publish Heat/Flight Sheets and Performance Lists
  • This action uploads Performance Lists and Heat/Flight sheets for any seeded events
  • When seeding or re-seeding events after uploading, the performance list or heat sheet for that event will automatically upload to Meet Mobile when exiting the seeding menu
  1. Promote
    1. Used to display and print a Meet Mobile promotional flyer to distribute to those who wish to follow the meet from a mobile device