If you registered for an endurance/race event as an individual and would like to create or join a team, refer to the following instructions after logging into your ACTIVE.com passport account, then visiting My Events at https://myevents.active.com .
Note: The event must have the team creation/join option enabled for the event or category/price type that you signed up for.

Create a Team Post-Registration
  1. Under existing event registration, click Create team
  2. On Team Information screen, enter team name
  3. (Optional) Enter team description
  4. Click Save

Join a Team Post-Registration
  1. Under existing event registration, click Join team
  • Note: If the event registration in question is not visible, you may need to claim it
  1. On Join a Team screen, search desired team
  2. Click radio button next to desired team
  • Note: Only one team can be joined, so please ensure you select the correct team.
  • Note: If desired team is not visible when perform a search, the team is hidden from all registrants. You may need to select another team to join or contact Team Captain.  
  1. Click Join
  • Note: If a team password is required, it must be entered when prompted.
  • Note: The team captain will receive an email notification when a participant joins his/her team.
  • Note: Custom team form questions are included when post-registration teams are created or joined.