Below are instructions for team captains to manage teams using the Team Center after logging into and accessing My Events at .

Access Team Center:
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  1. Find the target event registration
  2. Click into Team center
  • Note: A special type of team, namely group-registration team, is not available or editable in MyEvents. For any changes on group-registration teams, please contact the event organizer directly.
The team center consists of four sections top-down: Primary Actions, Team Info Center, Pre-Paid Tickets and Team Members. Below is an overview of these parts in order.

Primary Actions:
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  • Invite team members: Send a general invitation to your members.
  • Note: The contents in braces such as {Team name}  and {Team invite URL} are variables that are automatically populated by the system. You can click send directly or add your custom message if you like.
  • Note: If your member has already registered, please let them join directly following Create or Join a Team after Registering.
  • Invite Prepaid:  Invite a Pre-Paid Team Member to Join
Team Info Center:
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  • Overview team and event info
  • Edit team info: You can change your team name, description, access option and password by clicking the pencil upper-right. Also see Team Captain Views Or Updates Team Password
  • Send Invites: Send a general invitation to your members. The same as Invite team members under Primary Actions
  • Email team members: send notifications or any other email messages to your members.
  • Email me of team activities: select your preferences on receiving notifications of team changes.

Pre-paid tickets:
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  • View your claimed tickets count
  • Invite pre-paid: the same as that under primary actions
    • Note: you can also manually copy and share the pre-paid link to someone so that they can claim the spot you bought.

Team Members:
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