Below are instructions for team captains to manage teams using the Team Center after logging into and accessing My Events at .

1. Click Manage my team
2. Click on available option within navigation menu
a. Places
i. My events: return to My Events
ii. Dashboard: access Team Center
iii. Team: manage team
Note: Use to view pre-paid invitees (you may re-send invites and revoke invites)
iv. Mail center: send new message or team invite request
v. Contacts: manage contacts
b. Team actions
i. Invite pre-paid: send invitations to potential members to join team
Note: Only displays if event organizers allow pre-payment for team members and team captain selected this option (and paid fee) for team members
Note: Option disappears once all pre-paid invites have been accepted
Note: If option is missing, it displays again once an invite is revoked
ii. Invite general: send new message or team invite request (this is same screen as Mail center)


Prepaying for team members allows you to reserve a place on your team without having to enter in all registration details for others. After you complete your registration, you will be able to send pre-paid invitations to your friends & family from My Events  - they will enter their own registration information separately.