Below are the instructions to register multiple participants from the registration page and complete payment at one time :

 1. On Select Category page, choose the right category/wave for the first person, click Continue

Note: You will be able to select a different category for each participant registered.

 2. On Sign In page, sign in with your own Acitve account or enter an email address and click CONTINUE

Note:  this step will be skipped if you are already logged in. 

4. On Complete Form page, under Select Participant, select Yourself, 18 or older​Someone else, ​18 or older or Someone else, below 18 depending on who you are registering

Note: Depending on the event settings, you may not find these options available (e.g. in an adult-only event or an event that only allows self-registration). In such cases, please contact the Event Director for further information.

5. On Checkout page, click Add Another Registration.  Repeat steps 1-4 to register other participants

User-added image

6. After you have added all the registrants (confirm the order details and total), fill out the payment information, click Complete

Note: The system has a 15-minute time limit to complete the registration. If there are many people to register, you can register them in several batches to make sure you checkout within the time limit.