Miscellaneous fees ("misc fees") are used to create a custom fee question that may be associated to programs. Misc fees should be used as supplemental costs incurred by families when registering - each misc fee may be set as a fixed amount or a list of choices. Some examples are additional merchandise purchases, fundraising buyouts, and prior registration discounts. Below are instructions to add a fixed amount fee under miscellaneous fees for the organization after logging into LeagueOne.
  1. View the Organization tab within Online Registration Setup
  2. Click Misc. Fees under Fees and Discounts section
  3. Click New to create a new misc fee
  4. Enter Name for Misc. Fee
  5. Select Fixed Amount for Rule Type
  6. Enter Question to be displayed
  7. Enter Billing Label
  8. Enter Fixed Amount
  9. Choose Save display value to config field option:
    1. Do Not Save: Does not save to config. field list
    2. Config#: Saves to header on registration report
  10. (OPTIONAL): Check “Once Per Cart Per Season” to be able to use this misc. fee only once per cart
  11. Click Save to add misc. fee to Organization