Below are instructions to merge duplicate players found within the same family after logging into LeagueOne.
  1. Navigate to PEOPLE > PLAYERS > Manage Player Information
  2. Search for player by name, click Find
  3. Click Player's Last Name
  4. Click Merge
  5. Clear First Name and Last Name fields, enter letter A, click Find
  • Note: Used to locate different family as part of merge process
  • Note: If no results are returned, adjust search
User-added image
  1. Click Select of any families from search results
  • Note: This is going to be the placeholder family
  1. Click To Family #2 next to duplicate player (to remove)
  • Note: Player moved to other family (needed for removal)
  1. Click SEL radio button for player to keep (under Family #1)
  2. Click SEL radio button for player to remove (under Family #2)
  3. Click Merge Records
  4. Select radio buttons for items to keep on newly merged record
  • Note: Select radio button at top of screen to select all applicable fields for that user
  1. Click Merge
  • Note: If merge successful, click OK in confirmation window